Which Engagement Rings for Men Would you Prefer?

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Engagement Rings for Men: A Symbol of Eternal Commitment

Rings, the smallest form of y, provide the most significant symbolic value. From a religious perspective to a more aesthetically pleasing one, rings have a lot of appeals. Buying a ring is a common gesture for many major life milestones, including engagements, weddings, and births. In India, an engagement isn’t final until the ring is exchanged, and married couples aren’t considered legitimate until they both wear wedding bands. 

After the wedding, the bride will wear the mangalsutra, while the groom will continue to wear his engagement ring as a symbol of his commitment to his spouse. Since men seldom wear gold jewellery, JD Solitaire offers a wide selection of designs for its solitaire rings

Selecting the Perfect Ring for Men

When it comes to picking out a ring for themselves, men are often just as bewildered as they were when buying an engagement ring for their fiancée. Even their fiancée had difficulty selecting the appropriate ring. Everyone has a shred of doubt that the ring should symbolize the man’s manliness and tenacity!

  • The width of the ring is the first and most important factor to consider. Typically, engagement rings for mens are wider than women’s. The larger the ring, the more expensive it will be. If you prefer a wide ring, you might save money by choosing a less costly metal.
  • Then we have the metal! Men’s rings are available in white gold, platinum, rose gold, and gold, similar to women’s rings. Platinum and white gold are the most prevalent alternatives. Observe the jewellery the man is now wearing to determine his sense of style. However, do not dismiss gold just yet! Gold engagement rings are a more polished option, with a subtle sheen that conveys a sense of warmth. Rose gold is also a wonderful option for fashion-forward individuals. The rough look of the metal gives it a vintage air.
  • The fit of the ring is the next and most important aspect. It does not have many cuts on the gemstone or the ring, making it less likely for a man to wear it daily! Therefore, the majority of men’s engagement rings have a curved or flat border, so the ring does not hinder their normal activities. Additionally, the personality of the user determines the ring’s size and style.

 Identify whether the user prefers subtlety; if so, band rings are perfect. If a man can wear diamonds with style, he should pick a band ring or a traditional ring with a single diamond.

Bond in Style with a Diamond or Stone Studded Ring

Who says a man’s diamond ring has to be plain? In addition, they might be interesting and distinctive in their own ways.

Men who like diamonds may choose from a wide variety of styles when it comes to rings set with diamonds. You may choose from a variety of designs that showcase your sophisticated taste, from a cluster of stones to a single solitaire diamond. It’s not always the diamond pattern that makes a ring unusual; sometimes it’s the way the rim of the ring breaks the rules of nature. To give diamond rings a fresh perspective, the Forever Bond Ring and the Everlasting Bold Ring include two gold-edged strips that converge on the center diamonds. Stone-set rings are more substantial since they must bear the additional weight of the diamond(s).

Estimated Cost of Men’s Engagement Rings

There has been an evolution in the design of men’s engagement rings. The cost of a ring made of pure gold and adorned with a diamond cluster or a single diamond of varying size, cut, and setting may range widely. Men’s engagement rings are available in a wide price range and a variety of styles at JD Solitaire. Prices for men’s engagement rings range from 30,000 to 150,000 Indian rupees. You may now go gift shopping without stressing about whether or not you’ll be able to discover something fashionable that fits your budget.

A White Gold Ring Befitting a Discreet Gentleman

White gold rings are the perfect choice for the nonconformist guy with a sophisticated sense of style. These rings are not only more durable than their gold counterparts, but they are also more trendy and look gorgeous on all skin tones. This metal exudes sophistication, making it a good choice for refined gentlemen. There’s something delicate and airy about white gold. White gold is almost never ostentatious, regardless of whether you choose to accent it with a few diamonds or set a single stone front and center. From trendy and fusion pieces to everyday engagement rings, this collection has it all. These rings are works of art in their own right, thanks to their magnificent designs, superb workmanship, and subtle elegance. Discover your ideal ring size from our stunning white gold selection, including stubbed stones.

Extremely cutting-edge: designed with the future in mind.

For today’s gentlemen, whether they’re tech bros or aficionados of the met averse, ultra-modern engagement rings are a stylish way to immortalize love. They are easy to pair and won’t draw too much attention to themselves. Men who are unflappable and down to earth are the ones who should wear titanium wedding bands. This ring, however, is ideal for individuals who just must have a touch of glimmer. 

At JD Solitaire

All of these rings will give you a solid indication of what awaits you. Our men’s engagement ring prices are reasonable. As a market leader, we strive for quality and aesthetics. In addition to our broad variety and call-in service, we provide total customer satisfaction from the minute a customer visits the store until the lifespan of the ring they buy from us. This is exactly the point we are attempting to convey. 

Posted On: December 8, 2022

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