Tiny Blessings!!! Our Gift For Those Lil’ Ones

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Kids add a charm and happiness in our lives with their adorable innocence and uncanny curiosity.
These little ones are glitters of everyone’s eyes.

India has a long-lasting tradition of designing jewellery for children. It is believed that certain gold
and gemstones jewellery has the power to ward off the evil eye, bring sound health and good luck.
Also, jewellery adds its own charm and beauty to the children.

Kids Jewellery – Since Generations

In ancient times, children’s jewellery was made from seashells, pebbles, berries, animal teeth,
feather & leather, chunks of wood and bones. Babies were often presented with a necklace or
bracelet at the time of birth.

In the Victorian Era, babies wore exquisite gold and silver bracelets, clips and pins. This era is also
marked by semi-precious stones like “Carbuncles,” or cabochon-cut garnets, in pendants, brooches, and necklaces. Older children often wore gold and silver necklaces, pendants, cameos and pins.

All these jewellery were beautifully personalized and became family heirlooms for generations.

Adding a Little Sparkle To Toddlers With time, some key trends have emerged in kids jewellery in today’s urban times:

  • Today kids jewellery is usually sleek, fancy and light weighted so it does not cause any
    harm to the kids
  • Anklets: Little ones are adorned with tiny anklets that tinkle as they shake their legs, walk or
    crawl, These anklets can be beaded and unbeaded ones
  • Bangles: Many children are made to wear tiny silver or gold bangles beautifully suiting their
    soft hands
  • Chains: Little elder boys (age of more than 2-3 years) can be seen wearing gold chains with
    simple or religious pendants whereas the girl child has much more varieties of jewellery to
    choose from such as anklets, bracelets, earrings, nose studs, pendant sets and whatnot.

Tiny Blessings- Our ‘Kids Jewellery Collection’

We at JD Solitaire are happy to present our exclusive collection, Tiny Blessings, for kids. Our
collection is designed to enhance the beauty of these little ones with sparkles of gold, diamonds,
silver and precious stones.

Our ‘Tiny Blessings’ collection has unique designs with precious stones, gold, diamonds with
enamelling on their lovable cartoons.

At JD Solitaire, we have something for every child and occasion. You can choose from bracelets,
earrings and nazariya
for your kids or your favourite niece or nephew or gift them to your loved

Our ‘Tiny Blessings’ Collection Offers:

Charms Bracelets- Because Every Child Is Special

Our gold and diamonds kids’ bracelets are designed to sparkle with your kids. Designed with care for those soft hands, these bracelets do not have loose ends and are tied to a rigid gold string, which makes them durable. These bracelets can be further customized as the baby’s age grows.

Earrings and Studs– For The Pretty Little Ears

There are a number of designs to choose from the kid earrings catalogue. Your little prince and
princess are going to love all the cute designs from teddy bears to pairs of dolphins, which come
with the soft metal stud at the back. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a school fest, kids can carry them with style and fashion.

Our designs are a blend of gold, diamonds and meena work, which showcase a large variety. We also have the variety of 18kt gold studs, in the shape of a star, the crescent moon and other cute cartoon characters. Visit our website to check more of our earring collection for kids

Nazariya- Say No To Those Evil Eyes

Traditionally, the parents and elders would tie a black thread, to protect their child from ‘nazar’ or
‘evil eye’ around the baby’s wrist or feet.

Inspired by the ritual, our ‘Nazariya’ collection is lightweight and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the babies. Our Nazariyas are made up of gold, diamonds and kundan having an eye or ‘Omkar’ symbol, woven in a bracelet or a chain or flat beads , which perfectly fits in the baby’s wrist or feet.
With the changing times, the parents have embraced this traditional accessory as an integral part of
a child’s initial years. So, protect your young ones from evil eyes and ward off negativity from their
environment. Besides, make them look sweet and cute with our Nazariya designs for kids.

Whatever the reason or the occasion be, you can’t go wrong with choosing the gifts for the young
ones with us. At JD Solitaire, we have everything to make your child feel special.

Under the able guidance of Mr. Sanjay Kalsi, Managing Director and the founder of JD Solitaire we are adept at making jewellery designs of every type and form. So just give us a chance to serve you and we promise to keep up with your expectations.

Our jewellery and diamond boutique is based out of Delhi. You can find more information about us on www.jdsolitaires.com

Author: Mr. Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.
Contact No:- 9810010950

Posted On: July 22, 2022

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