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One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art- Oscar Wilde

Jewellery is a symbol of luxury and extravagance. This flourishing industry has grown by leaps and bounds to provide a plethora of options to accommodate the needs of the buyers. In contrast to ancient times when feathers and bones were used, designer jewellery evolved to be made using precious gemstones and metals to create an awesome experience for customers. Jewellery such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants are integral to almost every occasion. A complementing jewellery design adds elegance and panache to both modern and traditional outfits.

How amazing will it be if this concoction of designs is all found in one place? Be it gold, diamonds, solitaires, Kundan or Polki jewellery in form of earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants for those awesome women, or wedding jewellery for that lovely bride or nazariyas and bracelets for those toddlers.

JD Solitaire is here to provide you just that with their state-of-art services!!

JD Solitaire – Your One-stop-shop for all the jewellery you need Our jewellery boutique has a wide range of jewellery, designed to cater to the connoisseurs of both traditional designs and fashionable modern ones. Every piece of our jewellery is conceived in the minds of creative visionaries and born in the hands of expert artistic craftsmen. We believe that each design has its uniqueness to suit a given persona.

JD Solitaire has its own jewellery collection comprising of some of the most enchanting jewels ranging from contemporary to modern artifacts. Each of our collections caters to a particular segment of the audience.

We at JD Solitaire are your trusted partners in bringing authentic jewellery to you. From being a highly educated fashionista to being a royal bride and everything in between and beyond, we are here to celebrate every moment with you.

Let us look at what all do we offer on your plate!

Necklaces – To Create That Statement Look

From chunky bold necklace pieces to minimal gold chains and glamorous gemstone-studded ones to royal diamond necklaces, every necklace has a charm of its own. When paired with the right type of outfit, these necklaces bring out the best in you. To make a statement, flaunt a neck choker with styling it with a colourful saree.

Diamond necklaces, Kundan & Polki necklaces, antique Victorian, the gold necklaces you name it, we have got everything for you.

Our ‘Royal Heritage’ collection celebrates the beauty of Polki, Kundan, and Jadau jewellery while ‘The Era’ collection is inspired by Victorian jewellery designs meant to give that royal appeal to you Have a look at these now (Insert hyperlink for the collections)

Rings for every mood

Our engagement rings are designed to celebrate the era of togetherness for a lifetime of happiness. Explore a wide variety of designer pieces for that subtle to glamorous look, curated to suit your special day. Our designs cater to your daily fashion needs, special occasions, and gifting purposes.

Choose your favourite piece among the varieties of diamond, Kundan, solitaire, and simple rings for your D-day. Be it that glamorous women or that handsome hunk, we have got platinum and gold rings for both.

Our ‘She Said Yes’ collection exclusively showcases our solitaire designs for those lovely brides-to-be out there or just select one to gift to someone from our ‘Tohfa’ collection

Have a look at these now – (https://www.jdsolitaires.com/she-said-yes/)

Dazzling earrings

From bedazzling south Indian jewellery designs to modern, graceful, and intricate ones, our gold and diamond earrings are perfect to steal the spotlight. Our Kundan and Polki collection is embellished with jewels for those with a flamboyant taste, while others with simple enamelling can relish our more modest designs.

At JD Solitaire, we got a myriad of earrings designs from diamond, Kundan, Polki, Victorian and gold jewellery.

Our ‘Jewels By Radhika’ collection is your gateway to those scintillating open Polki earrings, have a look at it now (https://www.jdsolitaires.com/category/kundan-polki/?swoof=1&product_cat=kundan-polki-earrings&paged=1&really_curr_tax=88-product_cat)

Jingling Gold and diamond bangles

Staying true to our efforts to bring the charm and beauty of the jewels to you, our bangles naturally accentuate your wrist with the stunning opulence of the diamonds. From the ethnic India bangle lover to adorning the contemporary design, you can find an array of adornments suitable to your tastes.

Pendant and Pendant sets for a perfect neckline

Choosing the right pendant shape according to your neck is a must. Our exquisite collection of pendants and matching earrings are curated with premium craftsmanship. Made with a combination of gold, diamonds, and gemstones they bring out the beauty and elegance in you.

At JD Solitaire, you will find pendant sets of every shape and size for discerning customers.

Classy and timeless bracelets

Our gold and platinum bracelets for men and women are sculpted with utmost precision. The collection is highly exclusive and versatile, completely complementing our aesthetic designs. Our resplendent bracelets can also be worn just on their own to give you a minimal yet beautiful look. Visit our ‘2T’ collection and have a look at our gold and silver bracelets made just for you.

We also have an assortment of kid’s bracelets for those tiny, delicate hands of your babies, which is showcased in our ‘Tiny Blessing’s collection

Mangalsutra: Crafted to perfection

JD Solitaire has an exclusive selection of beautiful mangalsutra for women in all varieties of designs and types. Choose your favourite diamond or gold mangalsutra available in yellow, white, and rose gold metals.

JD Solitaire: Dedicated towards you from heart and soul

Are you planning to get one for yourself? Come on board, visit our store, sip a cup of coffee and we will get everything sorted as per your taste, preference, and style. 

We at JD Solitaire are passionate about bringing beautifully designed jewels right at your doorstep.

Under the able mentorship of Mr. Sanjay Kalsi, who has been a trusted adviser and jewellery curator with experience of 27 years, we have carved a niche in the jewellery industry.

Mr. Kalsi, with his profound experience, is also a known Diamond Jewellery Expert, Solitaire Specialist, Certified Gemologist, Author, and Jewellery Store operations Coach.

Whether you are looking for expert advice on jewellery or planning to buy a new one for your closet

we are just a call away.

Our jewellery boutique is based out of Delhi. You can find more information about us at


Author: Mr Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.

Contact Me: – 9810010950

Posted On: November 19, 2022

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