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Make them feel special”

The Collection

Looking to surprise someone with chic, elegant and charming jewellery at great prices? Our ‘Tohfa’ collection has got all you need to give your special one. The collection has an assortment of handpicked jewellery designs for gifting someone special.

From the sunkissed gold jewellery to sparkling diamonds, the design comes in many forms, in this exclusively creative, exquisite and budget-friendly collection

So don’t stop or limit yourself, visit our jewellery boutique to get a little bunch of happiness for your loved ones.

Make it worth the moment.

Gold Klichdis for those adorable bridesmaids

The collection is perfect for the grooms looking to gift something special to their sisters-in-laws. JD Solitaire’s ‘Tohfa’ collection offers you scintillating gold and diamond-studded klichdis for auspicious occasions.

Meticulously perfect- Diamond earrings

We offer earrings sets with beautiful, rare & responsibly sourced diamonds for your loved ones. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or any Indian festive season, these timeless pairs of diamond-studded earrings can be paired with both formal and casual wear.

Nazariya for everyone

Offering gorgeously crafted and sensitively designed bracelets, to ward-off the evil eyes and negativity. In Gold and Diamonds

The history of gifting blings

Jewellery was gifted for as old as 25,000 years in the ancient cultures using coloured pebbles, bones, shells and feathers. The introduction of metalworking and precious materials produced decorative pieces of jewellery. The gifting of jewellery became associated with class and fashion. It also represented human
connection and emotions between humans.

Get the exclusive range of gifting jewellery under our ‘Tohfa’ collection, available only at JD Solitaire boutique in New Delhi.

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