Kalichdis- The Story Of Small Sparkling Diamond Rings!

Walking in the banquet hall of a wedding, a man sees a small ring rolling towards his feet. As he
bends to pick it up a girl comes up to him.
She says, “Thank you for picking up my Kalichdi”.
“What is a Kalichdi?” he asks her, curious about its significance.
So, she tells him the story of Kalichdis- the Small Diamond Rings

The Story Of A Small Tinklet

The journey of Kalichdis begins with traditional Hindu Weddings.
A Hindu wedding is a festival in itself with several stories woven together to make the journey of a lifetime. It is the story of the couple and their families celebrating the commencement of a new
relationship through various ceremonies.

To understand the importance of Kalichdis, let’s understand these ceremonies.

The Ceremonies

Roka is where the whole shebang begins. It signifies the couple’s acceptance of each other and their future marriage. Both the families officially meet and are introduced to each other, with sweets and gifts often being shared.

Sagai or the engagement is what follows the Roka. It is a ceremony where wedding rings and
wedding gifts are exchanged between the two families, establishing this wonderful relationship.

“Keep following, there is more!”, she continued.

The events that take place after Sagai are clubbed together. These events are Mehandi/Sangeet,
Haldi, Chooda, and the D-Day!

Mehandi and Sangeet often take place at the same time. It is an event where women can get henna designs on their hands, while the bride gets it on her feet as well. This is often followed by lots of music and dancing, and is a fun day full of laughter!

Haldi and Chooda are done on the day of the wedding. The Haldi event is celebrated by applying a paste of turmeric to the couple. Chooda is a ceremony specifically for the bride where her maternal uncle (Mama) gives the traditional bangles that she wears for the first year of marriage.

Now comes the D-day that everyone has been eagerly awaiting:

The Wedding Day!

This is the day when the couple is on cloud nine. Becoming the stars of everyone’s eyes and getting all the attention, they tie the knot and agree to take 7 vows while walking in circles around the sacred fire. From here on, they stand happily married.

“Did you think it ends here?”, she asked eagerly.

“Well, no!

All For The Bride, What Is In It For The Bridesmaid

Now, if you have noticed all the fanfare of marriage is centered on the couple, while there is
nothing special for the bridesmaid, who is a major part of the tradition and deserves considerable

So traditionally, after the wedding, the groom gives the sister of the bride a ‘bridesmaid gift’ called Kalichdis.

The girl mentioned, “Kalichdis have been given to the bride’s sister since times unknown. My
grandmother told me that these rings are a symbol of love and care.”

These small diamond rings or diamond Kalichdis are a way for the groom to show respect and love towards the bride’s sister. For every Jiju ki Sali, this is a prized possession. She adorns it with grace and shows it off with pride.

The girl looks at the man who seems bewildered by the strange tradition, so she continues

The Story Continues…

Originally these were Gold rings in the shape of a band. But as time passed, they could be found in all sorts of materials. Diamonds and silver are yet another favorite.
“Kalichdis are rings that can have many forms, she continued:

  • A ring studded with a Diamond Crown or Tiara that makes you feel like a Princess.
  • A band carved with miniature hearts that makes you skip a heartbeat.
  • A ring that perfectly combines pearls and Diamonds.
  • A multi-ring that helps get lost in its curves.
  • A ring with vibrant gemstones to tell you how precious you are.
  • A pattern of leaf to remind you of your agility, growth, and prosperity.
  • A simple band with spaced-out Diamonds for a quaint look.

With Kalichdi, some grooms add other wedding gifts as well like personalized gift bags with
cosmetics, scented candles, Diamond earrings, perfumes, bags, nail paints, and this list is typically

Surprised and happy to learn about this new tradition, the man smiled and thanked her for her time and vanished into that crowd thinking something to himself.

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Author: Mr. Sanjay Kalsi, Gemologist, Founder of JD Solitaire.
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Posted On: July 22, 2022

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